2019 Ducky Derby Winners

Winners list for the 2020 Ducky Derby Drawing for the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation. Drawing held at 7pm, 29 August 2020, at the home of Charles Marks, Chairman, 2020 Ducky Derby. In attendance was Robin Marks, Lt. Governor, Division 5 and Jessica Main, Treasurer, Kiwanis Club of Dover, DE. The event was held live on the Foundation Facebook Page.

$500.00 Cash Prize

  • Warren Letzsch, Ellicott City Kiwanis Club

$400.00 Cash Prize

  • Ben Farmer, Old Point Comfort Kiwanis Club

$300.00 Cash Prize

  • Bull Run-Mananas Kiwanis Club

$200.00 Cash Prize

  • Warren Letzsch, Ellicott Club Kiwanis Club

$100.00 Cash Prize

  • Martha Nichols, Loch Raven Kiwanis Club

$100.00 Hyett E-Card

  • Leesburg Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Home Depot Card

  • Ed Schumacher, Williamsburg Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Visa Gift Card

  • Virginia Geoffrey, Arlington Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Buffalo Wild Wings Card

  • Don Dudey, Reisterstown Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Mastercard Gift Card

  • Donna Riley, Westminster Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Target Card

  • Far East Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Visa Card

  • Jack Luck, Ashland Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Walmart Card

  • Cheri Hartman, Roanoke Kiwanis Club

$25.00 Visa/$25.00 Mastercard

  • Michael McEnoy, Roanoke Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Darden Card

  • Leesburg Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Visa Card

  • Patricia Blume, Loch Raven Kiwanis Club

$50.00 Master Card

  • Jim Van Hoozier, Christianburg Kiwanis Club

4 $10.00 Loweโ€™s Cards

  • Sly Bowser, Arlington Kiwanis Club