Disaster Assistance Program


The Capital District has been impacted by Natural Disaster over the years. Not as severe as the lower states with hurricanes, the Midwest with tornadoes, or the West Coast with forest fires. However, we have had devastating flooding in Ellicott City and Southwest Virginia. Tornadoes in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Hurricanes that have affected our east coast areas. And ice storms that have affected our entire District. We never know when areas served by our Capital District clubs will be affected again.

Task Force was created as follows:

A Disaster Assistance Project was established jointly by the Capital District Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation to assist Kiwanians, their clubs, and their communities in providing immediate disaster relief assistance in the event of natural or man-made disasters (Natural disasters include events that cause great damage or loss of life, such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Man-made disasters include local events owing to human intent, error, negligence, or failure of a man-made system that cause significant damage or loss of life, such as fires, shootings, and major accidents.) declared by Federal/State/Local Authorities or by the Capital District Governor or Foundation President. To assist clubs in this endeavor, the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will make available funds to clubs from donations received dedicated to Disaster Relief.


Operating: The initial operating impact was the creation of a joint Task Force of the Capital District Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation appointed by the District Governor

and Foundation President. Members of the Task Force will be no less than 2 or more than 3 current Board members of the respective organizations. The purpose of the Task Force is to administer the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation Disaster Assistance Program (DAP). They are also charged with determining how CDKF funds will be impacted.

Financial: There has been no financial impact to the Capital District Kiwanis. The intent of the program is to provide a means for clubs, individual Kiwanians, and others to make tax deductible financial donations to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation. The CDKF will have the option of providing additional funding for this program as matching the donations or simply use the donated funds for the Project. As indicated above, this will be a charge to the Task Force. Currently, the DAP has $9,250.00 donated by individuals specifically for the Hurley, VA flooding.