Happy Kiwanis New Year

By: Ed Daley, President, Capital District Kiwanis Foundation

Thank you for supporting the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation.  Our mission is to support local Kiwanis Clubs as they work to improve the lives of children in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Because of your contributions we support these clubs in a variety of ways:

Grants to local clubs

  • Many clubs have benefited from the Foundation grants supporting clubs in the Capital District
  • Grants have supported projects such as: Cozy Comfort Project, Backpacks for Kids, Soundscapes Program, Kiwanis Kids Idea Studio, Bright Beginnings Reading Program and Discovery Kits for Children to name a few.
  • Grant requests are to be filed online at the CDKF website
  • The first cycle is due by September 15  and awarded in November
  • The second cycle is due by March 15 and awarded in May
  • 2021 – 2022 year the grant budget has been increased to $30,000

Gift to hospitals with pediatric trauma centers

  • There are currently 9 pediatric trauma centers the Foundation supports in the Capital District – we provide $3,000 to each per year
  • With the addition of West Virginia, we are reviewing our hospital locations and current services but expect to increase this number to 11 or 12 pediatric trauma centers in the coming years
  • All money raised from the Ducky Derby and Caring Corner fund raisers support the pediatric trauma centers

Youth scholarships

  • The Foundation in support with the Capital District of Key Club and Circle K awards 6 – $1,000 Key Club and CKI scholarships
  • The Foundation funds the Robert H. Turner Scholarship for a Key Club member for $2,500
  • We also fund the Teenager of the Year award for $2,000
  • Beginning in the new year 2021 – 2022 the Foundation will fund the Ellis Stroup Leadership Scholarship for $2,000
  • In total we provide $9,500 in funding annually to youth scholarships at the high school and college levels

The really big news at CDKF is two-fold.   Past Capital District Kiwanis Governor, Dennis Baugh formed a committee with CDKF President, Mike Dasovich to investigate the formation of a Disaster Assistance Fund.  This is now a program of the CDKF and will be administered by a committee with three members appointed by the District and three members appointed by CDKF.   Funds will be awarded to local Kiwanis Clubs seeking to assist their community when a disaster impacts an area within the Capital District.   To apply for funds, a local Kiwanis Club should use the application on the CDKF website.

To contribute to this effort, individuals and organizations can use the form on our website or contact their Division CDKF member.  Recent flood damage from Hurricane Ida provides a prime example of how we can use this fund to support fellow Capital District Kiwanians as they work to rebuild their communities. 

Parallel to the launching of the Disaster Assistance Fund, we are excited to welcome the West Virginia Kiwanians into the Capital District.   As part of this, we have merged the West Virginia Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundations.  This merger strengthens all of our Clubs in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.   Larissa Cason has joined our CDKF Board as Past President of the West Virginia Kiwanis Foundation.   Other new members on the Board include Patty Miser, Dr. Rayman Richardson, and David Laraba who will represent our new Divisions 18, 19 and 20 respectively.

Our work is the result of your financial contributions to CDKF in various categories:

  • Annual Kiwanis Club Donation – suggested $3 per member or $5 per member for distinguished club
  • In Memoriam banner patch with individual’s name and club – $100 contribution
  • Life Member recognition – individual receives a certificate, pin and banner ribbon – $150 contribution
  • Youth Outreach Program for clubs who do not sponsor an SLP – $200 contribution
  • Patron Recognition begun in 2020 – individual receives a framed certificate, pin and banner ribbon – $300 contribution
  • President’s Circle begun  in 2020 – individual receives an engraved desk clock, pin and banner ribbon – $500 contribution
  • Founder’s Society – individual receives an engraved plaque, medallion and a lapel pin – $1,000 contribution
  • Tablet of Honor – individual receives an engraved  plaque and a lapel pin – $1,250 contribution
  • Our new Sustained Giving program which can be any amount as a one-time or regular interim contribution

Social Media

One of the many initiatives Past President Mike Dasovich focused on during the past two years was a public relations and communications committee, headed by our web master Jamie Arca and Jennifer Hiscock, focused on increasing CDKF’s visibility.   We are launching this blog and our Facebook Live series in culmination of Mike’s initiative and the hard work of the committee.   Each week our Foundation Board members and others will be speaking and writing about the activities of the Foundation and our Divisions.

  • There are 2 new editions to our social media platform
  • First is the weekly Facebook Live series every Wednesday at 7pm
  • You will hear presentations from Directors, members and clubs throughout the District giving information and pictures of projects the Foundation support – Key Leader, Teenager of the Year award, Caring Corner, Ducky Derby, etc.
  • After the Wed. Facebook Live event any member can access the presentation on our CDKF Facebook page and our website
  • There will be a weekly blog posted on the the website

Your CDKF Board of Directors are looking forward to a busy year supporting your efforts at the club level.  Please let us know how we can boost your work in local communities.