Will You Be A Sustainer?

By: Bob Wright, President-Elect

Looking for a way to show your commitment to Kiwanis in our district all year long?

Sustained (or annual or recurring) giving could be for you!

What is sustained giving, and why did our Capital District Kiwanis Foundation initiate a program recently?

It began when the board realized that those of us who believe deeply in what our district foundation does didn’t have a way to demonstrate that commitment and make regular micro donations to support the foundation’s many good works.

For a little money each month I help ensure our foundation has a steady stream of contributions to match our year-round philanthropy. I skip a trip to a coffee shop, a bite at a fast-food restaurant, or a movie, and send the equivalent amount to our foundation instead. It’s not much by itself, but when combined with the small monthly donations of other Capital Kiwanians, like you, over the course of a year it adds up. And, in time It will enable the foundation to do even more to serve children in our communities.

I charge my small donations to a credit card and set up recurring payments. That way I don’t worry about forgetting to share my treasure with those in need, especially children.

I feel a sense of pride each time I donate to our foundation.

If you aren’t familiar with all the good our foundation does, check out its pages on the district website. See where all our money goes. Then think about whether an affordable sustaining gift is right for you too.

A child in need is deserving indeed. Sustained giving helps our foundation do more and more for them.