The Fabulous Fourth – A Small but Mighty Division (Division 4)

By: Jennifer Hiscock

143 Kiwanis members are proud to call themselves members of Division 4, regionally located in Howard County and Anne Arundel County in Maryland. The division encompasses Maryland’s capital, Annapolis, and is comprised of beautiful rolling hills, as well as gorgeous waterfront property. However, Division 4 is distinct in another way. Not all of the Kiwanis members associated with the division live in Maryland or even the Capital District of Kiwanis! Division 4 is one of only two divisions in the Capital District of Kiwanis that has an e-club, a Kiwanis club that meets, serves, and leads through virtual connections. Division 4 is leading the way into the future! 

Division 4 is led by Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor, Krista Latchaw, and Capital District Kiwanis Foundation Director for Division 4, Jennifer Hiscock. The dynamic female duo has worked great together to ensure the clubs are strong, reach into their communities to serve, and support the Foundation’s mission. 

While the division only has five clubs and 143 members, the amount of service provided to the community is immeasurable! Read below for more details on each club: 

Kiwanis Club of Commodore-Mayo 

Chartered of Charter: 1955

Current club membership: 31

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The Kiwanis Club of Commodore-Mayo is known as a staple of their community, through their ownership of a community-use building which includes an athletic field and pavilion. Many organizations, private groups, and community citizens have rented and used their building to create priceless memories. 

Kiwanis Club of Crofton 

Chartered of Charter: 1976

Current club membership: 50


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The Kiwanis Club of Crofton hosts a 5K/10K race every fall that has become a staple event in their community. The club’s event aims to raise money through registration fees which is then donated to local charities and non-profit organizations in their local community. The 5K/10K race has been occurring for over thirty years! 

Kiwanis Club of Ellicott City 

Chartered of Charter: 1940

Current club membership: 31


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The Kiwanis Club of Ellicott City’s signature service project is a food insecurity effort called “Backpacks for Breaks.” The club comes together to secure food and assemble backpacks to provide three meals per day during winter and spring break, in partnership with their county school system. While this is their signature service project, the Kiwanis Club of Ellicott City has been instrumental in providing direct service to their community for more than 81 years and has established many strong. longstanding partnerships. 

Kiwanis Club of Next Generation e-Club 

Chartered of Charter: 2020

Current club membership: 22


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The Kiwanis Club of Next Generation e-Club has changed the way Kiwanis thinks about service! As an internet-based club with members all up and down the east coast and as far west as Alabama and Tennessee, the club has demonstrated that there is no boundary to completing service. Each month, the club has a different service theme to keep members engaged, as well as an accompanying educational guest speaker. 

Kiwanis Club of Severna Park 

Chartered of Charter: 1956

Current club membership: 9


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The Kiwanis Club of Severna Park has recently received a lot of recognition for their Kiwanis Kids Kloset that was installed at a Judy Center within Anne Arundel County. The space was revitalized to help women and their children in need. Club members work very hard to secure donations to keep the kloset stocked and have formed terrific partnerships with local businesses who sponsorship donation drop-boxes at their establishments.