Year-End Giving

by: Bob Wright, President-Elect, CapDist Kiwanis Foundation, December 10, 2021

Are you one of millions of Americans who donate to charity at the end of the year? The holidays of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa bring out our generosity.

You and/or your Kiwanis Club and its Foundation could choose to support the unique work of our district Kiwanis foundation right now. Anyone can make a personal donation; clubs can recognize someone or make a gift, even its annual gift. How?

Our Capital District Kiwanis Foundation makes donating to help serve children in our 5-state area easy.

Give what is meaningful and affordable—that’s my rule of thumb. What Kiwanis does through service is very important to me, ranking near the top of my donations. I give accordingly.

Decide on your amount. Perhaps be recognized at the foundation’s Life Member ($150), Patron ($300), President’s Circle ($500), Founders Society ($1,000) or Tablet of Honor ($1,250) level.

Want to make your donation all at one time? Print the donation form at and return it with a check to the foundation.

Would you prefer to spread out your donation? Choose sustained giving and donate incremental amounts spread over the next year at Be sure you click the “monthly donation” box—you may change the frequency later in the sign-up process.

Helping to further the cause of Kiwanis—serving children—is a reason to celebrate anytime, and especially so during this joyous season. I can’t think of a better gift this holiday season than helping children through our Capital District Kiwanis Foundation!

A child in need is very deserving indeed. Year-end giving helps our foundation do more and more for them.

May your holidays be merry and bright. May your Capital District Kiwanis Foundation donation be the icing on the cake.

Disaster Assistance Program


The Capital District has been impacted by Natural Disaster over the years. Not as severe as the lower states with hurricanes, the Midwest with tornadoes, or the West Coast with forest fires. However, we have had devastating flooding in Ellicott City and Southwest Virginia. Tornadoes in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Hurricanes that have affected our east coast areas. And ice storms that have affected our entire District. We never know when areas served by our Capital District clubs will be affected again.

Task Force was created as follows:

A Disaster Assistance Project was established jointly by the Capital District Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation to assist Kiwanians, their clubs, and their communities in providing immediate disaster relief assistance in the event of natural or man-made disasters (Natural disasters include events that cause great damage or loss of life, such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Man-made disasters include local events owing to human intent, error, negligence, or failure of a man-made system that cause significant damage or loss of life, such as fires, shootings, and major accidents.) declared by Federal/State/Local Authorities or by the Capital District Governor or Foundation President. To assist clubs in this endeavor, the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation will make available funds to clubs from donations received dedicated to Disaster Relief.


Operating: The initial operating impact was the creation of a joint Task Force of the Capital District Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation appointed by the District Governor

and Foundation President. Members of the Task Force will be no less than 2 or more than 3 current Board members of the respective organizations. The purpose of the Task Force is to administer the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation Disaster Assistance Program (DAP). They are also charged with determining how CDKF funds will be impacted.

Financial: There has been no financial impact to the Capital District Kiwanis. The intent of the program is to provide a means for clubs, individual Kiwanians, and others to make tax deductible financial donations to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation. The CDKF will have the option of providing additional funding for this program as matching the donations or simply use the donated funds for the Project. As indicated above, this will be a charge to the Task Force. Currently, the DAP has $9,250.00 donated by individuals specifically for the Hurley, VA flooding.

Do You Shop Amazon?

Technology, busy schedules, demanding jobs, and the Coronavirus pandemic have changed the way our society now shops. We no longer need to go into a brick-and-mortar store within a specified range of hours. People all over the globe have become accustomed to searching the internet, buying online with the ease of direct shipping, and shopping at any time of the day that fits within their schedule. Shopping has become easy, but supporting community organizations and charities has also become easier than ever through AmazonSmile!

AmazonSmile allows customers to support charitable organizations every time they shop through the Amazon platform with no additional steps or cost. Amazon donates 0.5% of the eligible purchase price to the charity of one’s choice – it’s a win-win for everyone! Unbelievably, all the approved United States charities participating in AmazonSmile have received a cumulative total of $285,795,312.80 as of August 2021.

The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is an approved organization that participates in the AmazonSmile program. To support the Foundation with your online purchases throughout the year, you need to designate us as your preferred charity. As of August 2021, the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation has raised $40.15 through AmazonSmile thanks to the generosity of many individuals.

If you would like to assist the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation in raising money to improve the lives of children in our local communities, please go to


Have you heard of GivingTuesday? Many organizations use this day as a day to promote and ask people to donate to their organization financially. BUT Giving Tuesday is so much more than just giving to an organization financially.

As stated on the Giving Tuesday website, “GivingTuesday is an opportunity for people around the world to come together through generosity in all its forms by sharing acts of kindness and giving their voice, time, money, goods, and advocacy to support communities and causes.”

Here are just a few ways you participate in #GivingTuesday for the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation:

  • Give Financially.
  • Post on Social Media why you give to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation.
  • Promote our social media pages to people you know.

Other ways you can participate in #GivingTuesday:

  • Volunteer Virtually
  • Encourage others to share kindness and generous during this time.
  • Check in on your neighbors and see if there is anything they need.

However you participate in #GivingTuesday, please share with us so that we can celebrate you and thank you for participating in #GivingTuesday.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday, you can go to this website

Paying It Forward

The Kiwanis Foundation has recently paid it forward by awarding three Kiwanis Clubs a grant which they will use to directly provide service to their community, all for the betterment of children. The Board of Directors gathered on Saturday, November 13th to review the applicants and make award decisions. We are pleased to announce the following three clubs and the ways they will impact their community through service:

Kiwanis Club of Beckley, West Virginia

We are excited to have West Virginia join the Capital District this year and we were even more excited they followed through with their first opportunity to apply for a grant! The Beckley club requested funds to purchase a xylophone and other instruments for the New River Youth Symphony. Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Beckley donates funds to help with the purchase of instruments and equipment, as well as help provide scholarships to facilitate the participation of students with financial needs. The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is pleased to award $1,500 to the Kiwanis Club of Beckley, West Virginia!   

Kiwanis Club of Front Royal

The Front Royal club submitted a grant to purchase playground equipment for E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School. The purchase of the equipment will replace outdated and unsafe playground equipment, which will in turn increase opportunities for children to be social during their recess and play times. The Kiwanis club has a long-standing partnership with the Elementary School which has been a win-win for the community. The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is pleased to award $2,500 to the Kiwanis Club of Front Royal!

Kiwanis Club of Carrollton

The Carrollton club annually plans and executes a terrific opportunity for kids in their community known as the Southeast Region Kiwanis Fishing Clinic! They bring together several Kiwanis club in their area and provide an opportunity for 8–12 year old children to have the experience and joy of fishing. Attendees are also educated on the species of fish in the area, as well as water safety. We are excited to see this project continue as it has for the last 20 years, with many Kiwanis members from three divisions providing support. The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation is pleased to award $3,500 to the Kiwanis Club of Carrollton!

We will be sharing more about these projects as they come to completion, including pictures and videos, in hopes it will encourage your clubs to submit a grant application! We hope it will inspire your club and members to think of projects you could complete in your community, as Kiwanis strives to change the world one child, and one community at a time. If you would like information on the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation grants process, the funding cycle, or to complete an application, please visit our website at

Welcome West Virginia

The former West Virginia District Kiwanians are very excited to be joining the Capital Kiwanis District, especially with respect to how our combined efforts through the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation can positively affect all of our communities.

The West Virginia District Foundation had a matching grant program which operated in a similar manner to the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation’s grant program.  The West Virginia District Foundation awarded its final round of grants at its last Kiwanis District annual meeting in August.  Six Kiwanis clubs were awarded matching grants for worthwhile projects in their communities, some of which were projects the clubs had supported for a number of years.

  • The Shepherdstown Kiwanis Club was awarded a grant to purchase supplies for children at a day care facility in their community, the Shepherdstown Day Care.  This day care facility charges tuition on a sliding economic scale, and many of the families are struggling financially.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Logan designed a bicycle safety program for children in their community and received a grant to purchase bicycles and refreshments for the program.  The club planned to purchase 30 bicycles for children attending the program who needed them. 
  • The Weirton Kiwanis Club received a grant to purchase two benches to be installed outside of the city library so that members of the community could sit outside to read, socialize, wait for a ride, or use the free wi-fi, among other activities.
  • The Wellsburg Kiwanis Club was awarded a grant to create a history walk program, including purchasing and installing signage for children and adults to learn about the history of the community while exercising outdoors.
  • The Wheeling Kiwanis Club received a grant to assist two youth services programs in its community.  First, the club planned to purchase back to school supplies for elementary school students through the House of the Carpenter program.  Second, the club planned to give assistance to the McCrary House Transitional Living Program, which assists teens transitioning out of foster care due to reaching the age of 18.
  • The Beckley Kiwanis Club was awarded a grant to purchase instruments for children who want to learn to play music and participate as part of the New River Children’s Symphony.

Kiwanians in West Virginia look forward to continuing Foundation matching grant-funded programs like these in the future, and learning about the projects carried out by Kiwanians in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.  Our combined efforts will increase the ways in which we can improve the world, one child and community at a time!

Welcome to the CDKF Board

As you know, October is the beginning of the new Kiwanis year and that means we have some new faces joining the CDKF board. Join me in welcoming them and let’s hi to those already on the board as well.

Ed C. Daley, President and Director for Division 10.

Bob Wright, President-elect and Director for Division 2, joined Kiwanis to serve kids in his community. A fun fact about him is that if he is not working on Kiwanis related activities then he would rather be walking. Bob is looking forward to this year in the foundation is getting the sustained giving program up and running and holding quality hybrid meetings for the board.

Hiawatha Nicely, Vice President and Director for Division 15

Mike Dasovich, Immediate Past President and Director for Division 12, joined Kiwanis because of his grandchildren, to make a better world for them. A fun fact is that he likes cats as much as dogs, well not quite as much, but he does like cats. This year he is looking forward to continuing to spread the word of how the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation supports the divisions and clubs and their communities.

Larissa Cason, Immediate Past President of West Virginia Foundation, joined Kiwanis to be able to perform community service on a regular basis. When writing this she was wearing clothing/jewelry representing four things she is a fan of: the Los Angeles Dodgers, Star Wars, Disney, and Harry Potter. She is looking forward to incorporating West Virginia clubs into the operations of the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation.

Nancy Simonelli, Executive Secretary, joined Kiwanis to help children in her community. A fun fact is that she taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Meridian, Missiissippi. She says it was a culture shock since she had just graduated college in Massachusetts; she had a northern accent and her students had a southern accent so there was a communication gap. She is looking forward to communicating to the clubs this year in the Capital District about what the Foundation does to support communities and children.

David Lurie, Treasurer, started out in Key Club and has never left the Kiwanis family. A fun fact is that he loves miniature golf. He is looking forward to watching the Foundation continue to grow this year.

Elana Gardner, Governor of the Kiwanis Capital District, started out in Key Club and later on joined Kiwanis. A fun fact about her is that won 3rd place in the Washington DC city-wide Spelling Bee. This year she is looking forward to sharing how giving to the Foundation is an investment that goes back into our clubs and communities.

Jennifer Wolff, Governor-elect of the Kiwanis Capital District, joined Kiwanis because she wanted to give back to the organization that gave her so much as a CKIer. A fun fact is that she was a championship Irish dancer. This year she is looking forward to seeing more positive changes when it comes to modernizing the way the foundation runs and solicits giving, plus celebrating the 50th!

Dennis Baugh, Immediate Past Governor of the Kiwanis Capital District, watched his father who was a Kiwanian and once he was settled somewhere that allowed him the time to join, he did. A fun fact about Dennis is that he loves cats. He says they are very unpredictable but so friendly. This year he is looking forward to seeing the shift in making donations and grants by increasing their giving to the foundation.

Eric Fithyan, Immediate Past Governor of the West Virginia District.

Jeff Wolff, Executive Director of the Kiwanis Capital District, joined Kiwanis to continue giving back to his community after his involvement in Key Club and Circle K during his education. A fun fact about Jeff is that he loves to travel bother personally and professionally and at last count has visited 42 countries and 45 of the 50 United States. He is looking forward to the increased capacity of funds this year for the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation to assist more clubs with their service projects through grants.

Bernice Oden, Director for Division 1

Bob Wright, Director for Division 2

Kenneth Watter, Director for Division 3

Jennifer Hiscock, Director for Division 4, joined Kiwanis because she has always had an interest in helping to better her community through service. She has been involved in service-oriented organizations since the age of 5. Through Kiwanis, she can serve her local community to continue improving the lives of children which directly aligns with her professional experience as a teacher. She has thoroughly enjoyed her Kiwanis experience, she has met amazing individuals who have turned into friends, and she is am able to work with others who have the same goal in wanting to better the world! A fun fact about her is that her maiden initials and married initials are the same, which is good since she is a huge lover of monograms! Through social media, the Foundation has been sharing updates, but this year, the board is starting a new Facebook Live series which she is excited about! Through the Facebook Live presentations, members throughout the Capital District, as well as fans of our social media accounts will be able to continually stay informed. The Foundation does so much good within our communities and she is excited for people to learn about our efforts!

Charles Marks, Director for Division 5, joined Kiwanis in 1988. He is enjoying the retired life after 47 years in the work force. He is looking forward to helping other in DelMarVa and in the Capital District this year.

Dun Dudey, Director for Division 6, joined Kiwanis because he wanted to help those in need within my community. He was asked by his son’s Boy Scout Master during a campout to join him in attending the Kiwanis Club in his community. Two weeks after this campout, he attended his first Kiwanis meeting. He was impressed with what they were doing in the community plus other parts of the Kiwanis District. He then joined the Kiwanis Club of Reisterstown two weeks later and has never regretted it. Kiwanis has so many way they can help others locally and globally. He has also benefited in becoming part of the leadership of Kiwanis in the local Kiwanis club to District wide positions. It has been a major part of his life ever since. A fun fact is that he joined his wife and son and sky diving over a California town and airport. “Very invigorating and exciting adventure to jump out of an airplane at 13000 feet and free fall towards the ground, then stop suddenly when the parachute opens and you float softly to the ground. I would do it again in a heart beat.” This year he is looking forward to working with various directors to make this the best year the Foundation has ever had.

Susan Vona, Director for Division 7

Dennis Grubbs, Director for Division 8, says “My father was a Kiwanian, having served as Club President and LTG. Influenced by him, I was a Key Clubber in high school and was President of the club my senior year. I learned during those years that I enjoyed community service and making Winchester, VA a better community to live in for its citizens, especially those who were not fortunate as myself and my friends.” A fun fact about Dennis is that despite that his High School did not have a baseball team, he was one of two players invited by the Baltimore Orioles to its East Coast invitation only tryout held at Memorial Stadium his senior year. He actually pitched two innings off the mound that day against a semi-pro baseball team. He is looking forward to continuing to serve on the Grants Committee and reviewing and approving clubs’ grant requests that will hopefully assist them in making their communities better places to live for its citizens.

TBD, Director for Division 9

Ed C. Daley, Director for Division 10

TBD, Director for Division 11

Mike Dasovich, Director for Division 12

Roger Diehl, Director for Division 13, joined Kiwanis to have an impact on his community and help the children and others within. A fun fact is that he played semi-pro baseball from age 18 till 35 and then continued to play competitive baseball until age 57. He is looking forward to the board working harmoniously in conducting its business and as the Grants Chair, he would like to award as much as budgeted to help the clubs in the District do projects they would not be able to complete without the Foundation.

Milton Martin, Jr., Director for Division 14, joined Kiwanis as a way to connect with the community, learn about the community, and to be able to reach out to different segments of the community while doing civic duties and service. A fun fact is that he loves to travel, domestic and international. He has had lots of trips and travel adventures with Hopewell Twinning Association, where he has made life-long friends. He is looking forward to continued community service this year and civic service on a larger scale, with the opportunity to entice more Kiwanians to understand the Foundation and its broader impact. 

Hiawatha Nicely, Director for Division 15

John Lentz, Director for Division 16

Jon Rife, Director for Division 17, was President of his Key Club in High School and the Kiwanis club members were always helpful, friendly and leaders in the community. He decided, when he graduated from college, to join Kiwanis because of his Key Club experience. A fun fact about John is that he loves to water ski and snow ski, as long as hi body and age will allow. He is looking forward to making more our Capital District members aware of what the Foundation stands for and what we do in the District.

Patty Miser, Director for Division 18

Rayman Richardson, Director for Division 19, joined Kiwanis so he could meet others who share similar values, particularly serving children of the world. A fun fact about Rayman is that he is presently teaching a class on the Vikings. He is looking forward to getting the clubs in the West Virginia district to make a good contribution to the Capital District Foundation and that it is a smooth transition this year.

Dava Laraba, Director for Division 20, joined Kiwanis because he was always at events with his wife, that was a long time Key Club advisor, and so he decided to serve as well. A fun fact is that he played the trumpet in the West Virginia Wesleyan College jazz band and still plays weekly at his local church. He is looking forward to bring the West Virginia clubs into full participation and to expand the foundations outreach especially in the southern West Virginia coalfields.

Jamie Arca, Webmaster for the Foundation, joined Kiwanis to have an activity to participate with her mother. She has since come to love serving in Kiwanis and is now a member of two clubs in the district. A fun fact is that she is a Gold Award recipient in Girl Scouts (same as the Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts). She is looking forward to expanding the outreach on social media this year and bringing more visibility to the Foundation.

Will You Be A Sustainer?

By: Bob Wright, President-Elect

Looking for a way to show your commitment to Kiwanis in our district all year long?

Sustained (or annual or recurring) giving could be for you!

What is sustained giving, and why did our Capital District Kiwanis Foundation initiate a program recently?

It began when the board realized that those of us who believe deeply in what our district foundation does didn’t have a way to demonstrate that commitment and make regular micro donations to support the foundation’s many good works.

For a little money each month I help ensure our foundation has a steady stream of contributions to match our year-round philanthropy. I skip a trip to a coffee shop, a bite at a fast-food restaurant, or a movie, and send the equivalent amount to our foundation instead. It’s not much by itself, but when combined with the small monthly donations of other Capital Kiwanians, like you, over the course of a year it adds up. And, in time It will enable the foundation to do even more to serve children in our communities.

I charge my small donations to a credit card and set up recurring payments. That way I don’t worry about forgetting to share my treasure with those in need, especially children.

I feel a sense of pride each time I donate to our foundation.

If you aren’t familiar with all the good our foundation does, check out its pages on the district website. See where all our money goes. Then think about whether an affordable sustaining gift is right for you too.

A child in need is deserving indeed. Sustained giving helps our foundation do more and more for them.

Happy Kiwanis New Year

By: Ed Daley, President, Capital District Kiwanis Foundation

Thank you for supporting the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation.  Our mission is to support local Kiwanis Clubs as they work to improve the lives of children in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.  Because of your contributions we support these clubs in a variety of ways:

Grants to local clubs

  • Many clubs have benefited from the Foundation grants supporting clubs in the Capital District
  • Grants have supported projects such as: Cozy Comfort Project, Backpacks for Kids, Soundscapes Program, Kiwanis Kids Idea Studio, Bright Beginnings Reading Program and Discovery Kits for Children to name a few.
  • Grant requests are to be filed online at the CDKF website
  • The first cycle is due by September 15  and awarded in November
  • The second cycle is due by March 15 and awarded in May
  • 2021 – 2022 year the grant budget has been increased to $30,000

Gift to hospitals with pediatric trauma centers

  • There are currently 9 pediatric trauma centers the Foundation supports in the Capital District – we provide $3,000 to each per year
  • With the addition of West Virginia, we are reviewing our hospital locations and current services but expect to increase this number to 11 or 12 pediatric trauma centers in the coming years
  • All money raised from the Ducky Derby and Caring Corner fund raisers support the pediatric trauma centers

Youth scholarships

  • The Foundation in support with the Capital District of Key Club and Circle K awards 6 – $1,000 Key Club and CKI scholarships
  • The Foundation funds the Robert H. Turner Scholarship for a Key Club member for $2,500
  • We also fund the Teenager of the Year award for $2,000
  • Beginning in the new year 2021 – 2022 the Foundation will fund the Ellis Stroup Leadership Scholarship for $2,000
  • In total we provide $9,500 in funding annually to youth scholarships at the high school and college levels

The really big news at CDKF is two-fold.   Past Capital District Kiwanis Governor, Dennis Baugh formed a committee with CDKF President, Mike Dasovich to investigate the formation of a Disaster Assistance Fund.  This is now a program of the CDKF and will be administered by a committee with three members appointed by the District and three members appointed by CDKF.   Funds will be awarded to local Kiwanis Clubs seeking to assist their community when a disaster impacts an area within the Capital District.   To apply for funds, a local Kiwanis Club should use the application on the CDKF website.

To contribute to this effort, individuals and organizations can use the form on our website or contact their Division CDKF member.  Recent flood damage from Hurricane Ida provides a prime example of how we can use this fund to support fellow Capital District Kiwanians as they work to rebuild their communities. 

Parallel to the launching of the Disaster Assistance Fund, we are excited to welcome the West Virginia Kiwanians into the Capital District.   As part of this, we have merged the West Virginia Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundations.  This merger strengthens all of our Clubs in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.   Larissa Cason has joined our CDKF Board as Past President of the West Virginia Kiwanis Foundation.   Other new members on the Board include Patty Miser, Dr. Rayman Richardson, and David Laraba who will represent our new Divisions 18, 19 and 20 respectively.

Our work is the result of your financial contributions to CDKF in various categories:

  • Annual Kiwanis Club Donation – suggested $3 per member or $5 per member for distinguished club
  • In Memoriam banner patch with individual’s name and club – $100 contribution
  • Life Member recognition – individual receives a certificate, pin and banner ribbon – $150 contribution
  • Youth Outreach Program for clubs who do not sponsor an SLP – $200 contribution
  • Patron Recognition begun in 2020 – individual receives a framed certificate, pin and banner ribbon – $300 contribution
  • President’s Circle begun  in 2020 – individual receives an engraved desk clock, pin and banner ribbon – $500 contribution
  • Founder’s Society – individual receives an engraved plaque, medallion and a lapel pin – $1,000 contribution
  • Tablet of Honor – individual receives an engraved  plaque and a lapel pin – $1,250 contribution
  • Our new Sustained Giving program which can be any amount as a one-time or regular interim contribution

Social Media

One of the many initiatives Past President Mike Dasovich focused on during the past two years was a public relations and communications committee, headed by our web master Jamie Arca and Jennifer Hiscock, focused on increasing CDKF’s visibility.   We are launching this blog and our Facebook Live series in culmination of Mike’s initiative and the hard work of the committee.   Each week our Foundation Board members and others will be speaking and writing about the activities of the Foundation and our Divisions.

  • There are 2 new editions to our social media platform
  • First is the weekly Facebook Live series every Wednesday at 7pm
  • You will hear presentations from Directors, members and clubs throughout the District giving information and pictures of projects the Foundation support – Key Leader, Teenager of the Year award, Caring Corner, Ducky Derby, etc.
  • After the Wed. Facebook Live event any member can access the presentation on our CDKF Facebook page and our website
  • There will be a weekly blog posted on the the website

Your CDKF Board of Directors are looking forward to a busy year supporting your efforts at the club level.  Please let us know how we can boost your work in local communities.  

Quarter 4 (2020-2021)

Greetings, Capital District Kiwanis Members –

It is hard to believe that on October 1st, our clubs will be celebrating the start of another Kiwanis New Year! The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation continues to work hard to complete another successful year in assisting our communities, clubs, and local pediatric trauma centers. Given the work that has occurred over the last three months, we are pleased to provide you with another quarterly update.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped support our 2021 Ducky Derby raffle! The Foundation was able to raise $12,881.00 for pediatric trauma! We did not only meet our goal but we SURPASSED our goal! Our top three winners were $750.00 Cash Prize — Susan Nancanon / Seaford Kiwanis Club / Division 5, $500.00 Cash Prize — Cory Fore / Next Generation e-Kiwanis Club / Division 4, and the $250.00 Cash Prize — Rachel Jacobs / Severna Park Kiwanis Club / Division 4.

As we prepare to end and celebrate the Kiwanis service year, many clubs will think about celebrating their members and club leaders. We hope that you will consider bestowing upon them one of the many Foundation honors that are available including life memberships, the Patron Recognition, President’s Circle, Tablet of Honor, or Founder’s Society. Details can be found on our recognition and contribution form located at

While we are preparing to close out this service year, we are looking forward to 2021-2022. As your club’s Board of Directors continues to plan for a successful year of service in your local community, the Foundation encourages you to apply for a grant. The application cycle is open two times per year and applications are due on September 15th (fall cycle) or March 15th (spring cycle). To read the guidelines and complete an online application form, please visit

Have you liked us on Facebook yet? We encourage you to like our page and tune into our new Facebook Live series that will air for the first time on Wednesday, October 6th at 7:00 p.m. For our first episode, join incoming President, Ed Daley to hear about his 2021-2023 goals for the Foundation. The Facebook Live series will air every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. and will be centered on a different aspect of the Foundation, the board, and the District each week.

Donate today to help our children! Become an inaugural supporter of the Foundation’s sustained giving program which is new for 2021-2022! Sustained giving is a way for Kiwanians committed to serving children to have a district-wide impact. In exchange for the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a fast-food drive-through restaurant combo or a dinner out each month, sustainers provide a steady stream of income for the foundation. If you don’t already personally contribute annually to the foundation’s work serving children, now is the time to show your commitment. $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford regularly adds up to more services for children—scholarships, pediatric trauma support, meals for the needy, books, club grants, and more. Committing is easy! Follow this link to make a one-time or reoccurring donation:

As we conclude the 2020-2021 service year and look to the next, please let the Foundation Board of Directors know how we can best serve your clubs, as well as educate our fellow members. The entire board looks forward to a wonderful 2021-2022 continuing to serve our clubs, district, and world!

In Service Together,

The Capital District Kiwanis Foundation 2020-2021 Board